Self-Service Password Resets

Ensure that your users reset their passwords on time.

Secure and Fast Resets

Did you know your 20-50% of the tickets in your service desks are for password resets? But the good news is, you can mitigate these tickets by enabling Self-Service with Anakage.

  • Self-Service AD Password Reset
  • Enhance End-user Experience
  • Password Policy Enforcer
  • Ensure Policy Compliance

    Never Miss out on Password Resets!

    Anakage’s Self service password portal and proactive password expiry detection enhances user experience and reduces IT support costs.

    Enhance End User Experience

    Access to a secure self service password portal that lets user to change their passwords 24x7, on their own.

    Enforcing Portal Registration

    Prompts users in real time to register on the Self service password portal.

    Password Policy Enforcer

    Prompts users to update their password according to the password policy.


    Password Reset Issues

    Self Service Password Reset AD
    Users not registering on the Self-service portal:

    End-users often don’t register on the self service password portal which makes it difficult for them to update their passwords. But Anakage’s Online Cobot makes password resets a breeze with on-screen prompts.

    The prompts not only remind the users of password resets but also gives them the link to securely access the reset portal. Here, users can update their passwords and personal information with a secure authentication method.

    This gives users the ability to access the portal 24x7 at their comfort and update their information with ease.

    Self Service Password Reset
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    Self Service Password Reset
    Unwillingness to reset password from the portal:

    Users prefer calling the helpdesk over trying to manually navigate to the password reset portal. This increases your service desk billings and also affects productivity.

    Anakage’s Proactive Module resolves this issue once and for all. The modules show a prompt with a direct link to the portal when the password is about to expire. All that users have to do is click and reset, thus skipping the grunt work of manual navigation.

    With Proactive, users can even snooze the prompts if they are in between some important work. They can later reset the passwords at their convenience.

    Self Service Password Reset Tool
    Delay in Password resets even after notifying

    Users generally ignore the password reset notifications. This procrastination affects user compliance with the password policy of your organization.

    Anakage Proactive Module solves this issue with an on-screen prompt that enforces users to update their passwords according to the password policy.

    The Proactive module ensures on-time password refreshment, streamlines SSPR, and also improves user experience.

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