Proactive Cobots

Eliminate root causes before even they create an issue

Anakage Cobots come with a proactive remediation module that can be used to resolve issues in the preliminary stages before even the users encounter them. Common repetitive tasks like cleanups and restarts can be automated so that the systems remain healthy.

Rules Engine to define endpoint task

Anakage rules engine allows you to define tasks and intervals at which they need to be run on endpoints. These tasks can be silent actions like cleanups, running commands like gpupdate, collecting Antivirus status, or finding if a patch is installed or not. Special custom tasks specific to your organization can also be programmed.

Reminder Engine to enforce rules

Create actionable reminders by configuring frequency, snoozes, and actions to be enforced. For example, you can create a reminder where users will be forced to register on the password reset portal when they have ignored all the reminders and snoozes. This will reduce incident tickets and improve end user experience.

Analytics Engine to monitor endpoints

Collect endpoint data like as anti-virus status, patches, reboot updates, update status, and so on. This allows you to monitor end-user experience with all metrics in one dashboard and take action as needed.

What we do

Run tasks based on triggers

Anakage CoBots can sense upcoming issues using triggers and then run silent tasks without disturbing the end users experience and monitoring. For example, it can always run disk cleanup when disk space becomes low, it can correct registry values when the machine restarts, etc.

End user experience
User Experience and monitoring tool

Run tasks as reminders

If an organization wants to enforce a machine restart policy of 3 days, the Anakage reminder system will detect the last restart date. When it crosses the threshold it will show a reminder to the user to restart. If the user is in the middle of some important work he can snooze it a specific number of times. When he utilizes all the snoozes our reminder system then forcibly restarts the machine.

Collect critical machine information

Collect information like Antivirus status, patch update status, the status of the last update, etc. This way IT admins can monitor the end-user systems and take instant action. It helps especially when machines are not connected to a system like SCCM and considered as end user experience monitoring tool.

end user experience
end user experience and monitoring tool

Rules engine console to configure

IT Administrators can configure rules for silent tasks and reminders to be shown to users. They can specify what should be triggered, how frequently, what task has to be done etc.

Collect application logs

When a user reports an issue, IT admins can find all the information in the application logs without having to depend on the user to brief them. Set a rule and all the logs on end-user experience monitoring tool which will be pushed to the server for agents to analyze - it’s as simple as that.

User experience and monitoring tool
End User Experience and Monitoring

Actionable Dashboard

With advanced monitoring, IT admins get a comprehensive picture of user behaviors with the granular details like what the user has done on end user experience monitoring tool, how many times they have snoozed, what actions have been run on their machines, and the result. In case of any issue, IT admins can decide if they want to intervene.