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In-Moment Communication: Personalized Employee Management

Feel the pulse of your employees with in-moment prompts, alerts, and messages: all things personalized.

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Employee Engagement Platform

Measuring Effective Employee Communication Efforts

Maintaining efficient employee communication is difficult due to irregular email check-ins and comprehension barriers.

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In-moment employee engagement surveys

Challenges in Employee Engagement Survey for HR

Getting accurate employee engagement feedback through surveys can take work for HR. In fact, the response rate for employee surveys is only 30%. Response rate and quality are impacted by ignoring the emails, lack of time, and communication.

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Multilingual Employee Engagement

Tailoring Effective Employee Communication for Diverse Groups

Global Effective Employee Communication is challenging due to language and cultural differences, requiring HR professionals to carefully consider each group's unique needs and preferences.

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Missed Employee Engagement

Missed important Alerts and Strategies

Employees may miss alerts due to a busy schedule, technical issues, full inbox, or overlooking.
The frequency, importance, and personal preferences can also impact response.

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Challenges of Remote Employee Training on New Applications

Remote employee training presents difficulties such as limited access to tools and difficulty in engagement and retention. Employees may ignore training due to distractions.

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Challenges in Ticket Closure Feedback

Feedback from employees on ticket closure is important for continuous improvements of IT support within the organization.

Employees generally don't see the value in providing feedback, might have a perception of bias, or find the feedback system unclear and complex.

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Missed Compliance Messages

Missed compliance messages from employees can impact businesses as a whole with an ever-growing risk of security breaches.

Even a single non-compliant parameter can result in catastrophic consequences for the whole organization.

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Campaigns: Employee Engagement Platform

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Personalized Communication

Gather feedback and create on-screen targeted campaigns to enhance employee digital experience and promote self-help awareness.

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Mandatory Training

Equip remote employees for efficiency with localized in-app training and limited snooze options.

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Communication Boost

Improve employee communication and adoption of systems with engaging videos, which are 75% more likely to be viewed than text.

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Survey on Ticket Closure

Post ticket closure, the ITSM API call enables the reading of tickets and prompts end users with a survey to collect feedback.

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Timely Compliance Reminders

Ensure compliance with on-screen notifications and reminders through Proactive CoBot, covering password expiration and resets based on policies.

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In-app Alerts/Notifications

Proactive CoBot sends alerts for system outages, process changes, or critical messages that may be overlooked in emails.

Case Study

A large Oil and Gas public sector company overcame scripting limitations to reduce end point issues and capture in the moment user feedback.

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