Our esteemed client is a telecommunications infrastructure company that operates in India. Formed in 2007 as a joint venture between telecom giants and conglomerates, the company owns and operates a network of telecommunications towers and infrastructure, which it leases to telecom operators and service providers in India. The company serves various customers, including mobile phone companies, broadband providers, and other telecom service providers.

 The telecom infrastructure giant, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India, has a network of over 140,000 telecommunications towers across India, making it one of the largest tower companies in the world. The company strongly focuses on sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and energy consumption.


According to this research, on average, the internal support team receives 492 tickets per month, and no surprise that it takes 24.2 hours to resolve support tickets.

The company relied on a third-party ITSM portal to handle active directory tasks. Routine AD requests like password reset, VPN access, bit-locker encryption, and exception for file download restrictions were surging through their help desk.

IT engineers at Indus processed repetitive, active directory tasks manually, which inevitably increased the wait time for issue resolution for end-users. Moreover, engineers updated ITSM SRs manually after completing functional directory admin tasks wasting tons of time and effort on manual interventions.

The increase in support tickets and their help desk inefficiency resulted in poor user experience and impacted overall business and user productivity. One concern for them was the increase in repetitive onboarding and off-boarding AD tasks, which required more workforce to handle them.

The Solution

Our client was torn apart by the overwhelming amount of support tickets they received per month and required a permanent solution to mitigate these challenges.

By leveraging Anakage’s Active Directory task automation, our client was able to automate 100% of their routine onboarding and off-boarding active directory tasks and reduce wait time on ticket resolution drastically.

How the client achieved 100% automation?

Whenever an end-user faced any issue or service request, they logged their ticket in their ITSM portal. Via API, the Anakage Server received the ticket and shot it to the Active directory automation engine, where the key was read, and appropriate action was taken.

The Active directory automation engine read the ticket, extracted the task details, and took appropriate action on the synced active directory and active Azure directory.

After performing appropriate actions on both active directories, the task updates were sent through the Server to their third-party ITSM portal and parallelly to the user’s email.

Moreover, task analytics were also sent to the Anakage Server for admin reporting and monitoring.


By leveraging powerful automation, our client was able to reduce 100% of the effort on AD admin tasks freeing up resources from routine work to more value-added initiatives for the organization. 

Their users experienced super-fast resolutions to their issues and could perform BAU tasks efficiently without interruption.

Their support teams were able to focus more on critical IT projects and saw a substantial increase in both user and business productivity.

Telecom Infra big moves toward continuous improvements to reduce IT costs and enhance its user experience.

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