Self Service Application

Ready to deploy Self Service Platform

Anakage provides an engaging and customizable Self Service Platform, that is both available online and offline. In the case of an online portal, an application (.exe) can be downloaded and directly run without requiring any installation. If you prefer to have all the functionalities offline, Anakage has a desktop application that can be installed on your machine and can be run even if you don’t have access to the internet.

Online Self Service portal

Anakage Self Service portal can host cobots and other self-service articles, links, and documents. The portal comes with a user-friendly home page in addition to a bunch of separate pages exclusive to each category. The cobots are available for download and are ready to deploy without requiring any installation

Offline Desktop application

Anakage platform features a desktop application module that can host all the cobots in the local storage. Users can run cobots directly without needing to download them from the portal. Desktop applications can also handle issues that require admin rights.

Customizable through admin console

Anakage has an admin panel that allows you to configure both online and offline apps. You may include your company's branding, notifications, and news, as well as self-service information and links.

What we do

Host all kinds of self-service materials

Anakage platform not only hosts cobots but can also feature other support materials in various formats including pdf, docs, links, videos, pictures, etc. The platform can also host user forums with comments, notices, outage announcements, etc to expedite user engagement.

End User Self Service
Self Service Application

Dynamic application

The content of the application changes based on usage. The recommendation engine readjusts the content suggestions according to the usage pattern of visitors. This degree of relevancy drives better user engagement, thus improving digital adoption.

Intuitive Search

Based on user behaviour, the platform predicts the user needs in real-time and shows relevant suggestions as they type a search query. We also provide reports on the search data to the IT admins to help them understand what users are searching for. Admins can use this data to modify the metadata and improve SEO.

Realtime Self Service Application
IT help desk self service application

Administrator console

Anakage Platform allows IT administrators to do various activities like customizing various sections of the portal like logo, and banner image. They can add notices, announcements, categories, solutions, links, articles and other relevant materials to help the users.

Analytics for monitoring

Anakage platform allows administrators to see complete analytics with clear reports on visitor analytics, solution analytics, usage patterns, user feedback, and granular data points on the success/failure of solutions.

IT Help Desk Self service application
End User Self service application

User Access and Authentication

Administrators can create different kinds of users with defined permissions for application access. They can also see detailed reports of changes done to them.


Anakage Self Service Application can be integrated into Active Directory and Enterprise Single Sign-On technologies to provide a secure and seamless environment. It can also be integrated with your ticketing tools or chatbot if you already have deployed any.

IT Help Desk Application