Installing Softwares shouldn't be hard

Automate mandatory software installations and enable your users to install pre-approved softwares without admin rights

Automate Software Installation

Meet your digital Sidekick, that helps users install pre-approved applications without having to wait.

Due to Covid pandemic, IT Help-desk tickets increased by 35% monthly which in turn resulted in IT Helpdesk melt-down. We discovered upto 20% of the IT Help Desk tickets are related to Software Installs

With Anakage Cobots, eliminate up-to 40% of your IT engineer's workload

  • Swift Remote Deployment
  • Empower your end-user
  • Reduce IT engineer's workload
  • Instant Resolution

    No More Downtime

    No More Service Requests Surge

    A unified solution for software installation requests handled by multiple channels.

    (Self Service Portal, ChatBots, and Self-Heal agent)

    Reduce Wait Time

    Reduce Wait Time From Weeks to Minutes

    Eliminate the need to raise tickets for Pre-Approved Software Installation Requests.

    Enhace User Experience

    Enhance User Experience

    Let end-users place installation requests from any app they are familiar with, like ChatBots, ITSM, Teams etc.

    Failed Patch Management

    Reduce Service Desk Dependency

    Anakage Cobots collectively automate your software installations and perform failed patch management.

    Anakage Powered

    Automate Software Installations

    Automated Software Installation Tool

    Software Approvals and Installations - Easier than ever with Anakage

    Currently pre-approved software installation necessitates packaging and SCCM push. This makes business users to wait and consumes IT engineer's time repeatedly, especially for ad hoc installations. For organizations centrally managed, regions can not make ad hoc pre approved software installations easily owing dependency on central IT.

    Anakage Offline Cobot eliminates this inefficiency by automatically making the pre-approved software available on the user’s machine immediately after approval by Admin. It helps the user with installation, step-by-step eliminating the need for SCCM packaging and push for ad hoc or pre approved installs.

    The Offline Cobot allows users to access the software at their ease, at any time, and support a wide range of applications, resolving issues with all of your endpoint software requirements.

    Software Approvals and Installations
    Deploying Applications To Users Using SCCM

    Remote Software Deployment

    Remote Deployment to targeted end-points

    Deploy softwares remotely without taking remote control. Approve a software install request and Anakage Cobots will do the rest. IT admin can target specific user/end-points with filters like which version of software, the list of softwares an end-point has. With software packaging, deploy all the software packages to selected end-points in one go.

    Automated Software Installation

    Eliminate logging ITSM tickets for software requests

    End users can request software through Anakage’s Bot integrated with their communication tools and get them installed automatically on their machines.

    Admins can set rules for Essential software specific to their organizations to automatically deploy them to the endpoints where they are not installed.

    Software configuration Manager

    SCCM Corrupt

    Automate Software Distrubution

    Detect, discover and deploy missing Software automatically

    Anakage cobots automatically deploy missing software on endpoints based on company policies. Ensure your teams/groups/departments are up-to-date on the latest software.

    Uninstall unwanted/suspicious software remotely from a compliance standpoint. Maintain a set of compliance rules for your endpoints.

    Software Package Deployment

    Deploying custom scripts and patches made EASY

    With Anakage, patch management is a breeze. Automated patch installation ensures all your endpoints remain up-to-date. Whenever any software/scripts/patches need to be deployed, simply upload them and deploy. This is as simple as it gets!

    Software configuration Manager

    Deploying Applications To Users Using SCCM

    Remote Deployment Software

    Seamless integration with existing ITSM

    Anakage Cobots work seamlessly with any existing ITSM, increasing the efficiency of your IT processes. Anakage platform can talk to all ITSM tools including (but not limited to) ServiceNow, Cherwell, Manage Engine, BMC remedy, Freshdesk etc.

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