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Automate Active Directory Management with AD Task Automation Module

Automate repetitive and pre-defined tasks to reduce IT Helpdesk burden and User support cost.


active directory management

Cumbersome and Inefficient Manual Active Directory Management

Manual active directory management can burden IT teams, leading to wasted resources, slow ticket resolution times, and security concerns.
Traditionally, AD tasks are handled manually in organizations worldwide that require:

  • Dedicated AD Admins who sometimes cannot handle spikes
  • Manual status updates on ticket closure
  • Active Directory automation software

    Complex scripting processes and expensive active directory automation tools

    Scripts can help automate tasks, but scripting itself can be complex and time-consuming, and IT engineers are constrained by time and effort.

  • Long approval process
  • Security and integration constraints
  • Requires knowledge of different scripting languages
  • Understanding of ITSM tools and APIs to automate workflows efficiently
  • Costs thousands of dollars to hire scriptwriters

  • Available tools in the industry

  • Are expensive being a piecemeal solution
  • Have complex processes owing to multiple systems for multiple workflow management and automation

  • How Anakage Automates Active Directory Management?

    HR or Admin raises a request in ITSM for AD setup.

    active directory management

    Via API, the active directory automation engine reads the ticket, extracts the task details, and takes appropriate action on the synced active directory.

    active directory management

    After performing appropriate actions on the active directory, the active directory automation engine updates the original ticket in the ITSM and emails the HR and Admin upon task completion.

    group policy management active directory

    Moreover, task reports are also sent to the Anakage Admin Dashboard for reporting and monitoring.

    group policy management active directory

    For local Admin rights, the Proactive CoBot gets instructed by the AD automation engine to grant local admin rights requests once these requests are approved in ITSM.

    active directory management

    For permanent OU changes, approved requests from ITSM are read via APIs and acted upon automatically to reflect these changes on AD server and enforce GP updates locally.

    Automate Crucial Repetitive Tasks with
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    Anakage AD Task Automation

    active directory management

    Cost Reduction Mechanism

    Reduces the volume of support tickets, performs tasks automatically on the Active directory, and optimizes investments in IT service management.

    active directory management

    Streamlined onboarding and offboarding

    Streamlines employee onboarding and offboarding with automated user creation, profile updates, and user removal.

    active directory management

    Automated Remediation

    Helps complete tasks on the Active Directory, update ticket status on the ITSM portal, and send email updates eliminating the need for manual remediation.

    active directory management

    Solution Analytics

    Achieves improved visibility of successful and unsuccessful tasks for AD administrators.

    Case Study

    A large Telecom and wireless service provider automated 100% of routine employee onboarding and offboarding AD tasks.

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    Anakage Case Study

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