Conversational Cobots

ChatBot that Acts not just Talks

Redundant, the header is about chatbot which can act, we should speak on it’s actions. Our conversational cobots not only give you instructions but also handhold you with every step. With advanced NLP, our CoBots understand the right context and give end-users an accurate solution. They are faster to deploy, and more cost-effective than legacy ChatBots.

Omnichannel Access

Anakage conversational cobots are pre-trained on IT help desk issues and may be accessed from any device at any time. Users will be able to access cobots from other apps like as WhatsApp, Slack, and Messenger, as well as discover SSP to fix issues and raise tickets within the application, enables the integration of AI-based NLP models.

Offline Functionality

Anakage offline CoBots enable users to troubleshoot even when they do not have access to the internet.They can even run relevant solutions without requiring admin credentials. The Cobot periodically syncs up with the server however does not require constant connectivity to service users.

Military-grade Security

The Cobots do not depend on any third-party NLP as the conversational engine resides in their local storage, thus reinforcing security. User and conversational data is under the Enterprise IT’s control and is not stored externally.

What we do

Enable Self-Service

By handholding the users with every step of the resolution, Anakage Cobots enable users to resolve issues by themselves. This way, users become self-sufficient and companies can reduce incident tickets by 50%.

IT Help Desk Chatbot
IT Help Desk Offline Chatbot

Auto Learn new issues utterances

Anakage Cobots are continuously trained on newer IT issues. Offline chatbots receive these updates automatically, thus eliminating the need for pre-training.

Train and Administer

The admin console enables you to easily train the CoBots with content specific to your organization. It also provides chat transcripts and analytics reports to improve the training based on user feedback.

Pre Trained IT help desk chatbot
Resolve issues with IT help desk chatbot

Log Incidents

In cases where the user finds it difficult to resolve issues through self-service, Anakage cobots help the end-user log a ticket in ITSM.

Data Security

The Cobots reside within the Anakage platforms both online and offline. Hence, the user data is secured end-to-end with zero third-party intervention.

IT Help desk chatbot