ChatBot that Acts, not just Talks.

Collaborative AI Conversational Cobots that fix users' issues with step-by-step guidance rather than just texts.

Works Offline

Conversational Cobot works offline to diagnose, remediate and assist users without requiring server connectivity.

Zero Deployment

Plug-and-play Conversational cobots come as part of the Anakage platform with no additional setup requirement.

Zero Training

Anakage Cobots are continuously trained on newer IT help desk issues, thus eliminating the need for pre-training.

Omnichannel Access

Access from any device, anytime, from any platform, including Chatbots, ITSM tools, Desktop apps, and Web Applications.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Conversational Cobots do not depend on third-party NLP services as the conversational engine is offline, and data resides in clients' environments.

Automate L1

Conversational cobots help users self-resolve issues and automatically create support tickets for unresolved problems.

A Comparison

Traditional Chatbot vs Anakage Chatbot


  • • Ease of deploying & maintaining
  • • Security
  • • Knowledge Delivery
  • • User Interaction
  • • Integration
  • • ROI

Traditional Chatbot

  • • Takes weeks to months for Deployment
  • • Data goes out to third party services
  • • Provides knowledge base articles
  • • Guided step-by-step resolution
  • • Static knowledge integration
  • • Low ROI

Anakage Chatbot

  • • Zero cost of deployment & maintenance
  • • Data stays OnPremise
  • • No training required for IT issues
  • • In-App step-by-step guidance
  • • ITSM Integration
  • • Strongest ROI

Customers love us

Trusted by Enterprises of all Sizes

Case Studies

  • High Tech
  • Telco
  • Auto
  • Energy

By automating Physical Asset Verification, we reduced the incidents and SRs at the source by 30%

" In less than three months after deployment, proactive and self-help solutions eliminated manual resolutions, reducing the time and efforts of service desk engineers on around 1,000 incidents per month." - Vice president and head of technology


Automated 100% of routine Active Directory tasks

A large Telecom and wireless service provider automated 100% of routine employee onboarding and offboarding AD tasks using Anakage's AD Task automation module.


Reduced 75% of application usage errors in an Invoicing application

" Anakage Cobots provide just-in-time knowledge when working on a particular task, and they can be deployed on top of any application." -Automation Program Manager


Increased User-experience with Onscreen Campaign

A large Oil and Gas public sector company overcame scripting and ITSM integration limitations of incumbent monitoring tool to reduce endpoint issues and capture ' in the moment ' user feedback on ticket closure in ITSM.

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