Experience hassle-free troubleshooting like never before: Cobots guide you through every step, providing interactive support whenever you need it.

Anakage Cobots

Empower your users to fix any IT issue.

One click self-heal solutions

IT and business users can fix common system and application issues in real time.

In-app Guidance

Human-like assistance within live applications for complex IT issues. Step-by-step guidance to empower users with effective solutions.

Organization Specific Training

Pre-trained on common IT issues, customizable to your organization's unique challenges. Empowering automation tailored to your needs.

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Resolve issues silently

Empower user-initiated self-healing with automated detection using event sources like registry, logs, files, installs and onscreen activity. Resolve issues in the background, improving compliance and reducing downtime, saving time and effort.


Get human-like guidance

Get every employee a personal IT support assistant which can guide users onscreen. Cobots provide step-by-step instructions, eliminating the need for guesswork and ensuring efficient problem resolution.

Support all applications under the sun

Provides self-heal and in-app guidance on top of any application without needing any integration or code changes in the base application using Cobots.


Deploy as you want, where you want

Host our cobots in an online self-service portal or an offline desktop application on your premises or in a secure cloud.

Integration with other tools

Integrate with ITSM, active directory, and chatbot, making it a part of your digital workplace.


Reinforce your security layers

Our web-based cobots follow standard security protocols, support HTTPS ports and are digitally signed to ensure that they are tamper-proof.

Analytics and Reporting

Get a comprehensive view of what your users are searching for and gain insights on Cobot usage, resolution time, user feedback, and more.



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Case Studies

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By automating Physical Asset Verification, we reduced the incidents and SRs at the source by 30%

" In less than three months after deployment, proactive and self-help solutions eliminated manual resolutions, reducing the time and efforts of service desk engineers on around 1,000 incidents per month." - Vice president and head of technology


Automated 100% of routine Active Directory tasks

A large Telecom and wireless service provider automated 100% of routine employee onboarding and offboarding AD tasks using Anakage's AD Task automation module.


Reduced 75% of application usage errors in an Invoicing application

" Anakage Cobots provide just-in-time knowledge when working on a particular task, and they can be deployed on top of any application." -Automation Program Manager


Increased User-experience with Onscreen Campaign

A large Oil and Gas public sector company overcame scripting and ITSM integration limitations of incumbent monitoring tool to reduce endpoint issues and capture ' in the moment ' user feedback on ticket closure in ITSM.


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