Self Service Cobots

Solve frequent desktop and application issues

According to wikipedia "A cobot or co-robot (from collaborative robot) is a robot intended to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace." That was for physical industries, for software applications Anakage Cobots are designed to involve automation and human beings to solve any issue faced by users. We bring more within the reach of automation.

Automated detection and remediation

Anakage can detect common issues based on registry values, event logs, file sizes etc. For example we detect user location based on ip range or organisation specific rules. And install designated printer automatically based on location to printer mapping.

Human guidance by in app layer

When human intervention is needed then it uses in app guidance in live application to perform needed steps. For example in a organisation if it is not possible to detect location and get printer then we guide users to do it themselves using in app layer.

Solve commonly occuring issues

Use our reusable cobots to solve commonly occuring issues like machine slow, outlook slow, crash, printer install among others. Use our tool to bring in your organisation specific issues to this list even if they cannot be solved by automation.

What we do

Resolve issues silently

Anakage cobots uses automated detection based on various event source like registry, log files, onscreen activity etc. Our cobot resolves it silently wherever possible. For example - Skype login issues are one of the call drivers organisations. Resolution steps are - Detect Skype version, Go to the relevant folder, rename few files. If these steps are done manually it would take approximately 5 minutes. Our cobots can do all of these steps silently when initiated by user.

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Guide like a human

Imagine a person standing behind you and showing how to fix your issue. Our cobots can show you onscreen instructions to guide you to fix the issues. For example - Unwanted addins are one of the top reason why outlook could be slow. Different addins could be used by different project teams for their official requirement. So this issue can not be resolved automatically. But our cobots can detect what are probable non standard addins and can guide a user step by step in Outlook to remove the addin if they wish using Anakage unique in application guidance.

Supports all the applications under sun

Our cobots can show in app guidance on top of any application without needing any kind of integration or code changes in base application. The applications could be any desktop as well as browser based applications. All Microsoft application, ERP suites (SAP, Dynamics, Epicor, Oracle), SAAS applications (Salesforce, Servicenow) are supported. Using our click and publish platform these guides can be created easily.

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Do not reinvent the wheel

Technologies like powershell, vbscript, WMI, command line are powerful automation tools. Our cobots can reuse them to take advantage of mature technologies to do tasks. If your team is already comfortable using certain technologies and has lot of scripts, do not worry - you can reuse within our tool.

Deploy it as you want

Our cobots can be hosted in online self service portal from where they can be downloaded and run without needing to install or administrator rights. It can also be hosted inside a desktop self service application which could be installed on all user machines. It is available all the time without needing internet or downloading a file.

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Reuse hundreds of out of the box cobots

We have repository of hundreds of reusable cobots in common categories like Outlook, Skype, Internet and Printer. After testing and few customizations based on your environment they can be deployed. These cobots range from one click fixes to multi step cobots.

Security considerations

The self service web application follows standard security protocols and best practices. It supports https port. Our cobots are digitally signed and we have made sure that it is tamper proof so that you can be sure that it does only what it is designed to do.

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Themes and Corporate Branding

Our Self Service application comes in multiple themes and can be customized for corporate branding requirements. Administrators can customize various parts of application like company logo, colors, header images and contact informations.

Integration with other tools

Our platform can be integrated with other tools being used in IT Support workflow. The self service portal can host chat bots or mechanism to create tickets. After use the cobots can redirect users to ticketing tool or chat agents if issue is not resolved.

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Analytics and Reporting

Our admin console allows you to know the effectiveness by monitoring in realtime with various charts and data points. You can know number of visitors, who is using what, how many problems are resolved, what are user feedback. We also show you granular details like what point in cobots user are exiting and how much time they are taking to resolve the issues.

List of reusable cobots

List of standard cobots which can be readily used in any environment after few customizations based on cause and fix in your environment. These cobots are lightweight applications (exes) and can be hosted on self service portal or desktop application and can be run to fix the issues.

Speed Up Your Outlook

It guides you to start Outlook in a safe mode. It prompts you to uninstall redundant Add-ins and create profile if nothing solves.

Instant Search Option And Indexing

This solution helps when MS Outlook Instant Search option and indexing is not working on windows.

Create A New PST File

This solution helps you to create a new PST file to save space on the mail server.

Excel Attachments Not Opening In Outlook

Solution to correct Outlook not opening attachments.

Create A New Profile In Outlook

Solution for Outlook error Cannot open default email folder.

Outlook Error Cannot Open Default Email Folder

This solution helps you to modify a setting in outlook.exe property dialog box.