Anakage - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Focus on automating processes instead of building a RPA team

"automate on the go", "easy to use", "drag and drop platform" punchlines seem alluring enough to consider purchasing an entire automation suite, but does it actually give you a strong business case?
Would you want to get locked with a high TCO of building a team to build and manage RPAs on your purchased platform for just a few flows or look away from RPA altogether?
Anakage delivers basic fit for use "Automation As A Service" to ensure you can automate lesser number of workflows with a strong business case.

Works like a human

It mimics a human being doing the same task. It navigates to all the applications involved, understands, makes changes and completes the process.

Supports end to end workflow

Supports everything needed for end to end workflow like process completion, understands basic file formats, send mail, maintain audit trail etc.

Needs no integration with base application

Anakage can do all of these as a human agent so we do not need any integration with base application. It works with the permission of users without extra privelages.