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Achieve higher productivity with Digital


As business grows, enterprises invest in various enterprise software applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, HRMS etc.However, getting users to adopt and use these tools effectively is a big challenge.

Anakage Web-Assist Cobots helps enterprises improve Digital Adoption while reducing training and user support needs on software application over ineffective formats like class-rooms, text guides, chatbots and videos.

Anakage platform covers all applications not limiting to HTML applications and what’s more even extends to end point self-heal and non compliance remediation thus reducing your user support costs across the spectrum by addressing both infrastructure and application usability issues.

Multilingual In-app context specific guidance

Anakage makes it easy to use any desktop or web based software application. With an intelligent overlay providing step-by-step guidance in multiple languages and providing required resources from within the application the users never have to struggle inside an application.

Zero coding platform

Anakage helps in creating and maintaining In-Application tours on HTML and non HTML application without any coding. It does not require any backend integration; the authoring tool’s simple and intuitive interface allows content creators to digitize text guides into interactive help and maintain them at a fraction of the effort it takes for other formats like videos.

All applications supported not just HTML ones

Anakage platform covers the entire spectrum of applications not limiting to only HTML based applications that most web authoring tools are limited to. Anakage has an offline authoring tool that can be used for creating In-app tours and automations for thick client applications as well.

What we do

Guide users inside live applications

Anakage Web Assist CoBot provides interactive navigation inside live web applications thus simplifying the onboarding and training for any internal or external facing software applications. Create In-app tours to onboard and help users inside live application.

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Manage and share content effectively

While the Web Assist CoBot’s real time In-App feature prevents the "Software turning into Shelfware“, the Content Management System enables L&D, Process owners and Service Desk to build responsive Self-Service portals and localized content. The platform supports multiple languages and content formats including infrastructure fixes can be hosted and played from the self-service interface, something that Admins can build and maintain with zero coding

Enable On-job learning

Anakage favors the enterprise vision of “Less time consuming, Less expensive” digital workplace adoption, by reducing complexities of daily workflow and by-passing the conventional expensive training techniques like class-rooms, as trainer,infrastructure and trainee’s time is required dedicatedly whereas In-App self-help and training is on - demand while users are on the job.

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Empower users with Context and Language specific Help

The Web-Assist Cobot helps users with personalized In app guides. Business unit or language specific in app guide tours can be contextualized for relevant user groups which engages users by showing them the most useful, easy read and timely information, in-app.

Bring support with user preferable content formats

Not only on screen guide, Anakage webassist straightens the user learning curve and reduces the users valuable time involved in researching various “help & support “literatures by assessing the complexity that users face at any step and accordingly showing help in users’ preferred formats (video,pdf,doc, Anakage solution exe etc.)

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Improve adoption by usage analytics insights

The WebAssist comes with solution usage and user feedback reporting functionalities which help enterprises to improvise, design and develop the onboarding plans.

User Analytics provide the date and the time of the tour played, the version of the player extension and the success rate of the tour.