Challenges and Best practices in End User Support Automation

AUTOMATION is critical in today’s world — it helps companies boost productivity at a time of increased business disruptions and rising customer demands.

“Anakage Cobots offer self-heal, auto noncompliance remediation, and interactive guidance to end users in live applications.

Additionally, they enable automated technical fixes where applications self-heal themselves.”

Learn how Cobots can:
Anakage products helped our business retain existing clients, win new clients, and reduce costs, and we as an MSP benefit with strong ROI and cost effectiveness.
Associate Director of Automation at CMS IT Services
In less than three months after deployment, proactive and selfhelp solutions eliminated manual resolutions, reducing the time and efforts of service desk engineers on around 1,000 incidents per month.
Vice President and Head of Technology and Operations at Birlasoft

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The Challenges of End-user Support Automation

Over the last several years, more companies have adopted automated user support as they strive to maximize productivity and efficiency. But end-user support automation is often extremely challenging. Many busy IT decision-makers have limited time to conceptualize and drive an automation program. They find current marketplace end-user support automation tools to be clunky and inefficient.
This whitepaper shows how in today’s competitive business world, companies need automation so they can boost productivity. IT leaders need an automation solution that produces real results. Through self-service automation, Anakage Cobots can help transform organizations.
Improve Digital Adoption, Automate End User Support

Manage those endless support tickets. Anakage End User Support Automation platform enables end-user self-service and thus helps IT Help Desks to reduce support tickets at the source.

Automate mandatory software installations and enable your users to install pre-approved softwares without admin rights
Anakage’s Self service password portal and proactive password expiry detection enhances user experience and reduces IT support costs.
Allow your users to self-declare assets and ensure compliance by deploying anakage cobots to automate remote asset verification.

Let's Collaboratively Automate Helpdesk to make our IT Intelligent

Learn how Anakage Model assists users in improving user adoption with live guided solutions and one-click solutions.
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