Increase collaboration using Remote solution firing in IT Service Desk

What if you have been adopting the service desk automation and you find that it is still not giving you a much ROI ? What if the users are not using the self help options to resolve issues and the tickets are getting piled up on Engineer’s account?

Gartner research shows that service executives believe 40% or more of today’s live volume could be resolved in self-service channels, yet only 9% of customer service journeys are solved entirely in self-service channels.

Anakage can not only help Enterprises with Self service solutions, but can also help Admins/Engineers to fire the solutions remotely, if otherwise.

Anakage Self service application, can be used to resolve end point (laptops/desktops) issues by users themselves. It is available in two flavors-

1) Offline application

2) Online application(using an online portal)

Below is the Self-Help dashboard that users can use, to resolve issues-

In spite of the self-service solutions, at times like these the issue gets reported.

  1. The user is in a hurry, to complete other tasks and does not have time to resolve issue on his own
  2. The user forgot about Self-help solution
  3. The user does not understand which solutions to use

In situations like these, an Admin or an L1 engineer can easily fire the appropriate solutions, across the end points for the reported issues, at one go.

Below is the Admin dashboard, which can be used to fire solutions across all the reported end points-

Depending on the situations, the solutions can be fired in two ways-

  1. With message to the user. (the user will understand which solution is running and he/she can also understand the solutions, if they did not know about it)
  2. Without any message to the user (the solution runs in the background)

Benefits of using this-

  • An engineer can easily handle multiple clients.
  • No time wasted waiting in call queues, especially when the service desk is dealing with a much larger volume of calls 
  • Information requests are handled at source, taking strain off your service desk staff
  • Handle admin level issues, which require admin privileges, remotely.
  • Significant reduction in the handling cost of issues and service requests 

Anakage also offers proactive agent for Self-heal issues at source. The users will never know the issues. The engineer/admin can analyze it using the Analytics dashboard and the Admins can also fire the solutions remotely, in case self-heal solutions fails.

The only pre-requisite for remotely firing the solutions would be Anakage self service application or self heal agent to be installed at the end points, which can be installed using the msi installer or pushed across the end points via SCCM tool.

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