A poorly managed IT Help desk could end up causing more harm than good, resulting in failed ROI.  Choosing the right cost-optimal solution to mitigate end-used IT issues can prove to be challenging.

For instance, among the IT help desk tickets, hardware issues have been on the top of the ITSM ticket volume lists for most organizations. Fixing end-user hardware tickets is a time-consuming process that affects the overall productivity of the organization. Not so surprisingly, actively monitoring and proactively acting upon the hardware issues can prevent a good portion of the issues from occurring.

The panic associated with hardware issues comes from the cost of data recovery of a failed hard disk, to which a whopping 80.9% of hardware issues could be traced back. A study by computer scientists at Carnegie Mellon University reveals hard disks have only a 2%-4% failure rate which can still be prevented with the right precautionary measures. High volumes of hardware ticket numbers can also be traced back to the miscategorization of ITSM tickets. End-users have to categorize a ticket between 50-300 different categories which can get rather confusing. Miscategorization further delays the process of remediation of the end user system affecting the overall productivity of the organization, and yes, it can be prevented.

Prevention is always better than cure

With a boom in technology in the past decade, auto-categorization has transferred from the distant future to the present. Automated tools go beyond just the categorization of tickets effectively and more efficiently.

The scope of traditional incident management systems starts with an end-user reporting an issue with the IT Help desk and concludes with a IT Help desk team member resolving the reported issue. When mis-categorized, it does not just engage the wrong personnel, but also further increases the downtime.

For instance, a simple solution like periodically running chkdsk or de fragmenting a hard disk can identify issues proactively besides maintaining a healthy hard disk. Hardware issues generally occur owing as wrong OS/patching, registry updates, heating, boot up failures, physical damage, and driver installs. A lot of these issues can be potentially resolved through periodic monitoring and maintenance. The automated solutions not just monitor but resolve where feasible or alert the IT Help Desk engineer to proactively act before the hardware fails.

How does Anakage product help?

The Anakage Proactive solution prevents hardware failures before they occur by taking auto healing actions and raising work items in ITSM for IT Help Desk engineer’s proactive actions where needed.

Proactive Resolution of Hardware Issues by Anakage
Anakage Proactive resolution, Monitors and resolves issues before they occur

Besides the above, the Anakage platform provides more features in automating IT service desk management

  • Quick Detect and fix: Anakage platform comes with an auto firing ITSM solution that does not require intervention of help desk staff to start resolution of a ticket.
  • Available offline and 24X7: The Anakage platform is available 24X7, end users without network connectivity can also have a good portion of their IT tickets resolved. 
  • Remote resolution: Anakage Platforms, allows IT Help Desk Personnel to fire resolutions on the end user computers remotely without taking remote access.
  • Self-Service Resolution: The Anakage platform helps enterprise users to self-resolve issues including, application support, onboarding, and reset passwords.


In summary, every organization will face the problem of hard drive failure. Applying a few basic rules helps mitigate hardware problems, prevent them before occurring and prepare for what is to come saves downtime costs. With automated solutions like the Anakage platform, tracking the health of computers and preventing downtime losses has become as easy as a walk in the park. The Anakage solutions go beyond just tracking and solving hardware issues.

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