What Users are Searching in Online Self-Help Portal

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This knowledge base article is about understanding users searched queries in online self-help portal.

Navigate to the “Searched Query” section in Admin Dashboard

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on the “Self Help” tab, select “Analytics” and then select “Searched Query”

Searched Query Analytics

This section shows a graphical and a detailed view of users search queries with–

1 – Sr.No.– Serial Number of the user

2 – Search String- The users’ search query

3– User Name– Name of the user

4- Facility- The users’ group name

5- Last Modified Date- Last date the user searched the query

To further filter the search on any of the other criteria mentioned in the column, the search on the top right side can be used. For example, to filter the search based on a particular searched query, the query of the user can be searched.

Note- All this information can be downloaded in Excel by selecting “EXCEL” on the top right side of the screen.

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