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This knowledge base article is about updating and deactivating the offline application version from the Admin dashboard.

Navigate to the “Update Self Help App” section in Admin Dashboard

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on the “Self Help” tab, select “Admin Console” and then select “Update Self Help App”

This section allows you to view the latest version uploaded, add a new version and deactivate the versions–

1 – Sr.No.– Serial number of the Offline application installed in the computer

2 – Version–Version of Offline application installed in the computer

3– URL – The URL of the Offline application

4– Active- The status of the Offline application, True: If the Offline application is installed in the computer status is True

5- Facility – The group name

6- Action– Delete: If the Offline application version needs to be deleted, the action can be delete

Update Offline Application

1- Click on the “+Version” in the Upper right section

2- Enter version number. The version number must be greater than the latest version number, the latest version can be found in the “App version” section

3- Select the updator or the solution file, for updating the application select the updator file, for updating the solutions select the solution file

4-Click on save

Note- All this information can be downloaded in Excel by selecting “CSV” on the top right side of the screen

Deactivate Self Help App

1- Click on “DELETE”

2- Confirm by selecting “YES, I’M SURE”

The selected Offline application version will be deactivated.

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