Multi Tenancy in Self-Heal

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Introduction to Tenants in Self-Heal

Anakage Platform including Self-Heal has Multi-Tenant Architecture where single instance of software can serve multiple customers. Each customer is a tenant. You can keep publish different Self-Heal solution to different tenant or customers or groups. The “Tenant” in Self-Heal is similar to “Facility” in Self-Help.

If the facility code in Self-Help is “1055” then tenant name in Self-Heal should also be “1055”. Super admins of “1055” facility can view both Self-Heal and Self-Help data. No need of creating different user just for tenant.

Whether you need to create tenant depends on decision if you need Self-Heal or not. Since default component of Anakage is Self-Help you always need to have a facility. Tenant can depend on your licensing terms or your need for Self-Heal component.

Create a Tenant

As with Facility this option too will also not be seen if you are responsible only for single facility. Normally this is done only once during deployment.

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on “Facility & Users” and then select “Tenant (Self Heal)”

4 – Click on “+TENANT” at top right corner

5 – The “CREATE TENANT” form will open

Name – Name for Tenant. This should be same as the code for facility with whom this is to be linked. For example – 1055

Save – Saves the data and creates Tenant

Enter the information and click on “SAVE” button to save the data.

A green notification appearing on bottom corner means data is saved. If there is any error please correct and save it.

The created Tenant will be listed in the table below.

Once Tenant is created it cannot be deleted.

Note – To view Self-Heal data for this tenant login as user (Super Admin, Analyst) for same named facility(1055).

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