Run Solution Remotely on End-User Machines

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This knowledge base article is about remotely firing a self-help solution on the end-user machines from the Admin dashboard.

Navigate to the “Summary” section in Admin Dashboard

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on the “Self Help” tab, select “Admin Console” and then select “Run Solutions Remotely”

This section shows the view of all Self-Help solutions with–

1 – Sr. No.– Serial number of the solution

2 – Action– RUN: To run the solution remotely on the user’s machine

3- Name- Nameof the self-help solution

4– Description- Descriptionof the self-help solution

Selecting and remotely running a self-help solution

1- Click on the “RUN” button under “Action” of a self-help solution to be run remotely on users’ machine

2- Select “User Type”. For Single user, enter the Username and Hostname of the user, for multiple users, select the group

3- Select “Run On”, INCLUDED – All users in the selected group, EXCLUDED – All users except selected group

4- Select “Action Type”, WITHOUT MESSAGE- No message would be shown to the user before the solution starts running, WITH MESSAGE- A message would be shown to the user before the solution starts running

4- Select “Validity”, Empty – Valid only for today, Not-Empty – Valid for today plus the validity

5- Click on “SAVE”

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