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This knowledge base article is about understanding how admins can use search to get various analytics of users’ from the Admin dashboard.

Navigate to the “search” section in Admin Dashboard

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on the “Self-Help” tab, select “Analytics” and then select “Search”

Search Analytics

The username and hostname are to be given to search the self-help analytics.

This section shows a detailed view of feedbacks, user, version, new visitors analytics –

  • User Name- Name of the user
  • Email- Email id of the user
  • Feedback- Feedback of the user
  • Facility- The name of the users’ group
  • Date– The date of the feedback or solution run
  • Hostname – Hostname of the user
  • Solution- Name of the Self-Help solution
  • Category- Category of the Self-Help solution
  • Last Step- Last step of the solution run by the user
  • Rating- Rating given by the user after the solution was run
  • Feedback- Feedback is given by the user
  • Response- Exit: If the user exited the solution before giving any feedback, the response is an exit; No: If the feedback given by the user after running the solution is no, the response is No; Yes: If the feedback given by the user after running the solution is yes, the response is Yes
  • Time Spent(Seconds)- The time of the solution run
  • Source- Offline: If the user ran the solution from the offline app, the source is offline; Online: If the user ran the solution from the online portal, the source is online
  • IP Address- IP Address of the user’s computer
  • Helper Status- Status of the helper app
  • Helper Message- Message of the helper app
  • Version- The version number of Offline application installed in the computer
  • Updated- True: The app version is updated on the computer; False: the app version is not updated on the computer
  • Last Activity– Date and time of the Last update Activity of Offline application

Note: All this information can be downloaded in Excel by selecting “CSV” on the top right side of the screen.

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