How to remotely run Self-Heal solutions on End User Machines

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This knowledge base article is about remotely firing a self-heal solution on the end-user machines from the Admin dashboard.

Navigate to the “Summary” section in Admin Dashboard

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on the “Self Heal” tab, select “Analytics” and then select “Summary”

This section allows you to view a summary of the Self-Heal solutions with–

1 – DEVICES– Total number of devices with Self Heal agent

2 – USERS– Total number of users using Self Heal agent

3- SOLUTIONS- Total number of solutions with Self Heal agent

4– NOT DETECTED- Pass, the total number of successive proactive solution

5– DETECTED- Fail, the total number of failed proactive solution

6- NOT APPLICABLE – NA, the total number of not applicable proactive solution

7- DETECT ONLY- Total number of “detect only” proactive solution

All this information can be downloaded in Excel by selecting “CSV” on the top right side of the screen.

Selecting and remotely running the failed self-heal solutions

1- Click on the numbers in the “Detected” column of the respective solution

2- This gives all the detected or failed solutions

3- Click on “FIX” button at the top and select the “Run On” option

4- Enter username hostname, E.g., user1&host1, user2&host2, and click on “SAVE”

5- The failed solution will be run remotely for the entered username and hostname. All this can be tracked in the “Admin Action”

Note- Only failed self-heal solutions can be run remotely by the administrator.

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