How to check Offline application version on user machine

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This knowledge base article is about checking the offline application version of users’ from the Admin dashboard.

Navigate to the “Agent Version” section in Admin Dashboard

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on the “Self Help” tab, select “Analytics” and then select “App Version”

This section allows you to view a summary and detailed view of App Version Analytics with–

1 – HOSTNAME– Hostname of the computer

2 – USERNAME– Username of the computer

3- LATEST VERSION- Latest version of Offline application installed on the computer

4– UPDATED HOSTNAME- UpdatedHostname of the computer

5– Action- DELETE: To delete the app version analytics

6– Version- Version of Offline application installed in the computer

7– Updated- True: The app version is updated on the computer

8– IP Address- IP Address of the computer

9– Serial Number- Serial Number of the computer

10– Installed On- Date and time of the Offline applicationinstalled in the computer

11- Last Activity– Date and time of the Last Activity of Offline application

Summary and detailed view of the Agent Version Analytics

1- The upper view gives the Summary of App Version Analytics

2- The lower view gives the detailed view of App Version Analytics

3- The “Version” in the lower section can be compared to “LATEST VERSION” in the upper section to find machines running older versions of the Offline application

4- The “Version” in the lower section is the application version on the user machine

Note- All this information can be downloaded in Excel by selecting “EXCEL” on the top right side of the screen

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