Google Apps Single Sign On Integration

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Follow below steps to integrate Google Apps Single sign on –

Google Apps Admin Console changes

1 – Login to using the google admin account.

2 – Open the Navigation drawer from the left side. Go to Apps -> SAML apps.

3 – Click on + symbol on the bottom right to create new SAML app. A 5 step modal to create new app will open.


B – Scroll down, in Option 2 section click Download to download the IDP metadata. Save the file as it will required later.

C – Enter some application name, description text for your app.

D – Here you need to provide ACS URL and Entity ID as shown in the screenshot. This can be changed according the website for which you are integrating google sso in place of localhost.

E – Click Finish.

4 – Newly created app will now be displayed in the SAML apps.

5 – Click on the app name to view app details.

6 – Click “EDIT SERVICE”. Make sure that service status is set to “ON for everyone”.

7 – App is now completely configured on the Google admin console. You need to next make the changes in the code.

Anakage Server changes

8 – Copy paste the metadata file downloaded earlier at “E:\aresource\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 9.0\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes\saml” location on server.

9 – Set the authentication mode to ‘saml’ in the appropriate yml file.

10 – Other SSO related config is picked up from environment variables in the project. So you need to edit the system environment variables values for ANK_SAML_METADATA_URL, ANK_SAML_HOSTNAME, ANK_SAML_ENTITYID.

11 – Right Click “This PC” > Properties > Advanced Settings > Environmental Variables. In the system variables section edit the above mentioned values if not correctly set.

Values of these should be according to the website for which you are integrating SSO. For example :




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