About the Company

This professional services firm is headquartered in Europe and provides various services related to information technology, such as consulting and IT services. With a dedication to innovation and digital transformation, the company aims to help its clients adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape and maintain a competitive edge. The firm has a worldwide presence and partners with clients from different industries to enhance its operations and achieve its business objectives.

Problem Statement

  • Compliance Issues: Non-compliance causes substantial security risks for organizations. According to shocking statistics, around 70% of successful breaches originate from a single non-compliant endpoint amongst the multitude of company endpoints. This highlights the importance of compliance in regard to enterprise endpoint security, as even a single vulnerable point can create an opening for malicious actors to attack.

  • Challenges in Remote Workforce: Remote work makes managing endpoint security difficult, with scheduling and communication issues being common. In fact, 70% of organizations report an increase in endpoint security incidents since the start of the pandemic and an increased number of Non-compliance issues. Organizations have increased their use of endpoint detection and response solutions, with 85% using them more frequently.

  • Missed email reminders: Relying solely on email reminders is problematic, with many employees ignoring or forgetting them. In fact, research shows that 20% of employees ignore security-related emails, 30% delete them without reading them, and 25% forget about them. Multiple communication channels and strategies are necessary for effective compliance management.

  • False Positive alerts: False positives waste IT resources, with organizations using machine learning algorithms and working with clients to reduce them. In fact, at least 37% of alerts generated by endpoint detection and response solutions are false positives.

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The Solution

Deploying Anakage has helped this company’s IT administrators protect their organization in several ways:

Regulatory Remediation Integration: Compliance remediation with both scheduled and manual triggering

Anakage’s compliance remediation and automation platform is a tool that helps organizations collect and report on their compliance status, while also providing the ability to remediate compliance issues automatically. This type of platform is designed to automate the process of compliance monitoring and remediation, making it easier for organizations to maintain their compliance posture.

  • End point remediation: Anakage’s endpoint remediation automates endpoint compliance, enforcing policies and providing a view of critical events for identifying potential security threats. This allows for responsive incident management based on user profiles.
  • In-app alerts: Anakage sends in-app alerts to provide real-time updates on compliance status, ensuring important notifications are not missed and reducing the risk of missing critical alerts due to email overloadendpoint compliance

  • Reduce False-positive reports: Anakage’s platform also leverages machine learning algorithms to reduce the number of false positives generated by compliance reports. This helps to reduce the workload on IT admins by providing more accurate and actionable compliance information.
  • Centralized dashboard: Anakage’s platform provides a centralized dashboard that allows IT admins to track compliance status easily and generate compliance reports, making it easier to demonstrate compliance to auditors and stakeholders.

  • Automate Compliance: The compliance remediation platform is a powerful tool for organizations looking to automate their compliance monitoring and remediation process. With its advanced features, organizations can enhance their security posture, reduce compliance risk, and improve overall compliance posture.

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The Impact
  1. Efficient Compliance Remediation: The regulatory remediation integration allows for quick issue resolution through manual or scheduled triggering, helping organizations maintain compliance and avoid penalties, resulting in an 80% reduction in non-compliance issues.

  1. Simplified Compliance Reporting: The complete enterprise-wide compliance reporting feature offers a single dashboard for monitoring all compliance parameters without coding, saving time and effort for IT administrators.

  1. Enhanced Data Visualization: The multi-attribute reporting provides different report options, helping organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of their compliance status, track progress over time, and identify issues 

  1. Improved Compliance Management: Automating compliance remediation and tracking through a centralized dashboard can reduce the risk of violations, which can lead to costly penalties and reputational damage.

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Automating compliance tasks can save time and resources, allowing IT staff to focus on other high-priority tasks and projects, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

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