In the ever-evolving landscape of IT service management, the concept of “Shift Left” has emerged as a game-changer. The idea is simple yet transformative: empowering end users to solve their IT Helpdesk issues quickly and efficiently without extensive IT support. One pioneering company leading this shift is Anakage, whose innovative approach enables ServiceNow clients to implement a “Zero Touch IT Helpdesk” for Level 1 (L1) end-point and end-user usability issues. This blog will explore how Anakage is revolutionizing IT support and enhancing the ServiceNow experience.

The Shift Left Phenomenon

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“Shift Left” is more than just a buzzword in the IT industry. It represents a fundamental shift in the way organizations approach IT service delivery. Instead of relying solely on IT specialists to resolve routine issues, the Shift Left approach empowers end users to take control of their IT problems, reducing the workload on IT support teams and increasing overall efficiency.

The Challenge: Level 1 Support

Level 1 support typically involves addressing common, recurring issues such as password resets, software installations, and basic troubleshooting. These issues, while critical to daily operations, can put a significant strain on IT support staff and resources. Traditional methods often lead to delays in issue resolution, increased workload, and decreased end-user satisfaction.

Anakage’s Innovative Solution

Anakage recognized the need for a transformative solution to tackle Level 1 support challenges. By leveraging the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform, Anakage has developed a powerful, innovative approach to simplify and streamline IT support, making it truly “Zero Touch.”

1. NLP-Based Automation: Transforming Incident Handling  

Anakage introduces a cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) based solution that fires directly from the issue description in ServiceNow. This innovative approach enhances the incident handling process, providing swift and accurate solutions based on user input.


2. Automated Software Installation Notifications  

Users can opt for automatic software installation, or they can choose to be notified via desktop prompts once their request is approved. This flexibility allows organizations to tailor the installation process to their specific needs while maintaining a user-centric approach.

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3. ServiceNow Chatbots Can Fire Anakage Cobots: Synergy in Action  

Anakage’s integration with SNOW chatbots adds another layer of efficiency. Chatbots within the ServiceNow platform can seamlessly trigger Anakage’s cobots, creating a synergistic environment where AI-driven solutions work in harmony with existing IT support systems.

4. Intelligent Self-Service

Anakage’s solution empowers end users to resolve common IT issues effortlessly. The platform provides intuitive self-service options and guides users through issue resolution step by step. This eliminates the need for lengthy support tickets and minimizes downtime.

5. Deflecting Users to Self-Help Cobots: Smarter Incident Resolution  

Anakage seamlessly deflects users from the incident creation page to self-help cobots, further enhancing the efficiency of issue resolution. By guiding users towards self-help resources, Anakage ensures that common problems are resolved without the need for manual intervention.

6. User-Friendly Experience

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and accessible for all end users, regardless of their technical expertise. This ensures a positive experience and empowers employees to resolve IT issues efficiently.

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The Impact

The implementation of Anakage’s Zero Touch IT Help Desk has profound implications for ServiceNow clients. By embracing the Shift Left approach and leveraging Anakage’s innovative solution, organizations can achieve the following:

Proactive Issue Resolution:  

  • NLP-Based Automation: The NLP-based solution introduced by Anakage with ServiceNow enables proactive issue resolution by interpreting user inputs accurately. This not only speeds up incident handling but also addresses potential problems before they escalate, contributing to a more proactive IT support approach.

  • Automation of Routine Tasks: Automating Level 1 support tasks in Active Directory with Anakage’s solution can ease the burden on IT support, hastening issue resolution and allowing professionals to concentrate on strategic responsibilities. Tasks like user account management, password resets, and access control minimize errors, enhance security, and ensure compliance.

  • Cost Savings: Reduced reliance on IT specialists for Level 1 and Level 1.5 support leads to cost savings, allowing organizations to allocate resources more strategically.

  • Improved User Satisfaction: End users experience faster issue resolution and minimal disruption, leading to higher satisfaction and increased productivity.

  • ServiceNow Integration: Anakage seamlessly integrates with the ServiceNow platform, ensuring that clients can leverage their existing investments in IT service management.


Anakage’s commitment to empowering ServiceNow clients with a Zero Touch IT Helpdesk for Level 1 support issues represents a significant step forward in the journey toward achieving Shift Left. By simplifying IT support and giving end users the tools to resolve their problems independently, organizations can streamline their IT service management, reduce costs, and enhance user satisfaction. Anakage’s innovative solution is reshaping the way we think about IT Helpdesk support, ultimately driving business success and IT transformation.

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