On-screen employee communication 

Remote work has become the new normal, and thus there are more remote workers than ever before. Engaging employees with effective internal communication has become a vital tool for all business organizations. Even though there are various channels available, organizations require to enforce a few mandates to keep the machine compliant and help the end-user in every possible way with system issues.   

The organization would therefore require an Employee communication module for communicating with their employees. 

If this sounds similar to your organization? It is time to rethink.

Anakage Proactive Cobot comes in handy for On-Screen Employee communications. The proactive Cobot can enforce the employees to take necessary actions in time by popping on-screen notifications. After having a limited number of snoozes the employee would force to take mandatory action. These actions include steps like taking up surveys or training or resetting their passwords in time. 

While various organization uses the Anakage communication feature for a variety of use cases, let’s understand a few of the standard use cases applicable to most enterprises. 

1) Surveys

Conducting an employee survey can be one of the best and most valuable ways to gather information about the organization. They know what’s working well and what isn’t, and unless you specifically ask them for their knowledge and feedback, chances are they won’t actively share it with you.

a. In-Moment Survey and Prompts 

In-Moment on-screen prompts are more effective than email, phone calls, or links. Someone can miss out on the instructions provided in the above channels of communication. If there is a prompt on the machine continuously, the user has to follow and do the needful.  

Pop-up employee feedback surveys help solve common organizational problems bypassing the passive email system. On-Screen communications get the attention of system users especially for relevant topics like performance appraisal, change management, onboarding, and compliance.

Thus, in-moment surveys and prompts bring more employee engagement and adaptability. 

b. Survey on Ticket Closure

Surveys can also be prompted upon a Ticket Closure. Whenever a ticket is closed, it can be captured from the ITSM via API, and a survey can pop up on the screen to collect its feedback.  

2) Mandatory training

Training employees on applications, especially during remote working scenarios, is challenging. Anakage tool allows for limited snooze options, after which the employees would have to take the mandatory training. Training could be localized based on the employee groups or locations and can be In-App tutorials besides regular LMS based content

3) Corporate videos / Communications

Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text documents or KB articles. When it comes to internal communications, the key is to share engaging content with the user on their systems. If you want to drive adoption, videos are an effective mode of communication that can be opted upon user’s machine, and the viewership be tracked and reported back

4) Compliance messages

Anakage proactive tool could track various software products and parameters and give warnings of compliance messages through on-screen communication in form of pop-ups. Anakage proactive tool could detect the Employee’s password expiry time and help reset their passwords based on the password expiration policy. You can read more here.

5) Alerts

The Proactive tool can create system alerts for outrages in a system, process changes, or critical communication which, maybe missed over emails.

Benefits of Employee communication module:

  • Provide a platform for feedback that is non-biased
  • Understand areas of improvement and provide training based on the derived data
  • Track Compliance issues and alert the employees wherever necessary
  • Track Password expiry and enforce the Employees to reset their password in time

The Proactive CoBot can also resolve issues at the source (laptops/desktops). The users will never know if the issues even existed. In case remediation fails, the engineer/admin can analyze the data using the Analytics dashboard and fire solutions remotely. Click here to get in touch with us to know more about the Proactive tool and how we can help you with the Employee Communication module.


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