Thoughts + perseverance + stewardship + financial resources = Startup to Scale up
Actions driven by Wisdom and Vision are often worth more than just lot of money.
Have you ever given a thought about what makes a startup successful into a high growth company?

It’s the Founders and Investors aligned to one objective backed with resources to execute the strategy. This single ingredient can make it, or break the start up to scale up trajectory. A relevant Investor (network) for a start-up brings in the multiplier effect. It’s the most powerful element for a start-up to happen to be able to on board investors who understand the technology, bring in industry experience, market access and patient money.


CIO Angel Network (CAN), an initiative by Anoop Mathur is focused on Technology start-ups. CAN’s mission is to accelerate seed stage start-ups through seed capital, mentoring support and customer discovery. Its members are CIOs / expert technology professionals from large enterprises in India.

CAN  backed us “Anakage”, “In App” product learning and user support solution provider that helps corporates train and support application users in a live environment.

Anakage technology layer and content sits in between user and the applications and makes employees productive on applications. In today’s world which is digital, practical knowledge in enterprise & desktop productivity applications is crucial. Anakage empowers employees to be job-ready in live applications. At the technology level Anakage can support existing formats like videos, audios and text guides besides the technology assistance that it brings inside live applications.

Anakage provides “In App” Learning and Self-Help content on enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Epicor, Windows, Microsoft Office Suite along with an authoring platform that works on all applications with its own GUI or standard browsers.


Anakage was founded by Rajeev Kumar and Prosenjit Ghosh in August 2013.

Anakage reduces the service desk burden and physical classroom based training formats by engaging users inside live application for self-training and self-service using visual instructions inside live application. This mechanism reduces the overall expenditure spent on corporate training and application user support, thus reducing downstream losses of user support and application errors owing lack of product knowledge. Anakage addresses the product usage lifecycle from both training and self-service sides. Once the users train using the powerful desktop based training and certification tool with reporting at task level, the process assist functionality either online or desktop assists users on application navigation.

Anakage values CIO support and believes the association is long term and mutually rewarding.

“Invest in People not Markets” is the motto of CAN. CAN membership is only by invitation & exclusively for CIOs & ICT leaders. While there are many angel networks in the country the strength of CAN is through its members’ domain expertise to evaluate, foresee & nurture technology.

We should always invest in our knowledge and skills. Strive to be better every day, because with our skills we are able to change the world. Believe in the power we have to influence our results. “Invest in people not in markets”-CAN


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