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Anakage has implemented a self-service software installation process for a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, which has standardized the software deployment process and given end-users the ability to install pre-approved software without requiring the intervention of the IT Admin. 

Overview of the Company

This Japanese multinational conglomerate, incorporated in 1946, is a Global market player in technology, electronic products, and video game consoles. Since its inception, this massive organization has evolved into a very mature Global Capability Centre, providing end-to-end technology solutions and high-value services for global business organizations and the world.

Business Challenge

Approving the software install request from headquarters with over 50 remote offices and over 3000 workstations was strenuous.

Numerous ad-hoc software installation requests were accumulating daily. For IT Admin to push all these requests through SCCM was a time-consuming, tedious task. Here’s where Anakage stepped in.

Distributing software to all machines in an IT network can be a nightmare for IT Admins, especially at large enterprises; Currently, pre-approved software installation necessitates packaging and SCCM. This delay made business users wait for weeks and months and repeatedly consumed IT engineers’ time, especially for ad hoc installations.

These daunting tasks are made effortless using Anakage ISI. It would be best if you had no expertise or intervention of an IT Administrator to install/uninstall software using Anakage Intelligent Software Install.

The Solution: Anakage Intelligent Software Install (Automated Software Installation Tool)

Anakage Remote Software Deployment Tools eliminates this inefficiency by automatically making the pre-approved software available on the user’s machine immediately after approval by Admin. It helps the user with step-by-step installation, eliminating the need for SCCM packaging and pushing for ad hoc or pre-approved installs.


Case 1:

Whenever software is missing on the Endpoint, Anakage Intelligent software installs a remote software deployment tool that automatically deploys missing software on endpoints based on company policies. Ensuring your teams/groups/departments are up-to-date on the latest software.

Case 2:

Anakage Intelligent Software Install allows an IT Admin to distribute software packages remotely and automate software installation on all the computers across your network across windows from a central admin console using a remote software deployment tool without any Admin intervention.

Case 3:


Automated Software Install can now be achieved without taking the remote control. IT Admin can automate software installation by adding over 100+ predefined software deployment templates to create a package and publish it to a specific user or multiple users across any continent.

IT Admin can also target specific users/endpoints with filters, for ex., which version of the software and the list of software an endpoint has. With software packaging, deploy all the software packages to selected endpoints in one go.



About Anakage Intelligent Automated Software Install

Automated Software Install from Anakage is an integrated Remote Software Deployment Tool that consists of remotely installing software on multiple or all the computers within a network simultaneously from a central location.

It helps the user with a step-by-step installation guide, terminates the need for SCCM packaging, and pushes for ad hoc or pre-approved installs. Also, after plugging in, the IT admin can target specific users/endpoints by sending them; push notifications to download outdated software and deploying patches with Seamless integration with the existing ITSM tool.

Revolutionize your software installation process with our intelligent tool.

For more information about Anakage Intelligent Software Install, visit:

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