Automation is the key. The millennial employee workforce prefers self-service for common occurring issues before reaching out to the Service Desk agent. As per Gartner 40% of incidents are self serviceable, yet most organizations fail in implementations. There are several external effects including decreased revenue, poor customer satisfaction, even declination in company reputation if employee’s ie. end-users’ needs are not met.  Leaders in technology are exploring ways to digitize their workplace and improve employee productivity and Anakage service desk automation platform complements this journey by fixing issues without any burden of ticket logging.

Client’s Current State

  • 40% of incidents are self-serviceable, but organizations fail to implement self-service
  • Average employee spends¬†91 hours¬†in a year for IT related issues
  • On an average, users need to wait for 20 minutes to 4 hours to days, for Service Desk engineers to resolve routine issues
  • Script based automation fails to resolve incidents when manual intervention is required

Some examples are-

Mail archival– (Here users need to enter outlook profile credentials and manually select mails and name the outlook data file, so the solution cannot be fully automated)

Unable to read digitally signed emails– (As to read IRM (Information Rights Management) protected mails users need to install AD RMS policy templates separately, so the solution cannot be automated)

Target State

  • End user support ticket reduction by Service Desk Automation process and technology interventions
  • Increase user productivity by reducing machine downtime
  • Move users to adopt enterprise applications and use them optimally

Achieve your ‘Target state’ with Anakage

Anakage is a service desk automation platform that helps to reduce the effort of incident logging while increasing user experience. It transforms conventional service desk agent based linear model with automation  and In-Application Bot assisted self-support. The platform provides insight on consumption and effectiveness feeding continuous improvement process.

Anakage Solution

Silent detect and fix solutions at end points (Laptops/Desktops)

Click the below links to watch silent detect and fix solution videos for the mentioned situations:

Intelligent In-Application guidance to hand hold issues where silent resolutions not possible

Click the below links to watch Self-service in app guidance videos:

How Anakage Service Desk Automation Platform works

¬†Watch the video on ‘How Anakage Platform Works:

 Anakage Platform details

Anakage Platform

 Anakage Benefits

Experience Service Desk Automation with Anakage for your IT service desk and discover what Anakage can do for your organization.

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