softwareAnakage products are our unique technology combined with content to create a complete learning experience. The existing technology based learning experiences does not focus on practical aspects of learning and making sure that learner has learnt. Though it is a difficult aim but our product is an attempt to solve this problem. In our product learning starts with overview video , guides learners to practice what they have learnt in real application and then assesses them for their ability to perform a real task inside real application.

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While the core of our product is great learning experience for learners the real innovation in our product is how it supports other stakeholders also. In our case it is training center, trainers and the top management. The acceptance of our product has increased once we listened to everyone and added features to enable them and increased the scope of our product. The insights came by following every bit of the things mentioned in this post by Paul graham – “Do things that don’t scale“. If we had stopped after developing our product we would not have come this far.

We did many things the precedence of which did not existed till now in technology based learning world. For example – a course runs differently when used by instructors so that they can use it in live classroom. This makes our courses to be used in a group environment where learning is active rather than only self paced sitting alone. Can this concept be generalized and used in our supposedly new wave of learning – smart classes. And instructors don’t feel redundant.

There are many such use cases in which our product is being used. The use cases we did not anticipated when we started our work but seeing the problems our customers are facing it was a revelation for us and we solved them to open our product for different scenarios and bring more users to our ambit. To showcase who our customer are and what is the problem they are facing we are starting this series named “Customer spotlight” where we will share more details about them. For now below are some of the reasons our customers are using it –

  1. A large enterprise with presence in 30 countries to make simulator for new ERP implementation and to reduce the effort needed to maintain their documentation with each system upgrade.
  2. A leading for profit organisation helping India achieve its goal of skilling 500 million people by 2022 for difficulty in finding trainers for its non planned courses.
  3. A corporate training center using our offering as practice aid which they give to students as part of training in order to make them stand out from their competitor and increase its revenue.
  4. A leading school in North India using our product as a tool to train their teachers for more effective in technology.
  5. A corporate training center using this to expand their training portfolio without needing extra trainers and to reduce their expense on giving printed materials to students.
  6. A school for special need children using it to make them comfortable in computers.
  7. A vocational training center who uses it to teach students who have not seen computers in their life, have left studies long back and typically don’t know English.

and many others. These are revelations to us. The use cases are touching both commercial and social aspects of system. In next few posts we will discuss these customers and their stories of how they are using our product.


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