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Enhance Employee Experience.

Automate what scripts cannot.

Boost Digital Adoption.

A holistic platform to address user and system issues

Combine Digital Adoption with Automation with Anakage Self-Service Platform

Improve Digital Adoption. Automate End-User Support

Manage those endless support tickets. Anakage End User Support Automation platform enables end-user self-service and thus helps IT Help Desks to reduce support tickets at the source. It also enables enterprise IT teams to improve endpoint compliance, accelerate onboarding and help end-users digitally adopt applications.

Reduce up to 50% of end-user tickets

Anakage CoBots enable automated technical fixes where applications self-heal themselves most of the time. In cases that require user intervention, the cobots offer interactive guidance to end-users in the live applications.

Reduce up to 80% of manual remediation

Anakage CoBot continuously monitors the system and proactively resolves issues even before the end-user notices. Anakage’s reporting and analytics help IT Help Desk engineers act proactively for those issues that cannot be automatically resolved by CoBots.

Reduce up to 75% of onboarding time

Complex onboarding processes tend to majorly hinder digital adoption in enterprises. Automate Application training and support with Anakage cobots to expedite onboarding and improve the digital adoption platform.

Reimagine End User Support Automation with Anakage Platform

Enable Self Service

40% of users issues on systems and applications are self-serviceable. CoBots guide users step by step inside live applications and execute technical fixes even those that require Admin rights for installing pre-approved software or failed patches. This way, you can eliminate the system and end-user incidents before these even get logged in your ITSM tool. Agentless and Agent-based CoBots are accessible via multiple channels like ITSM, Self-Service Portal, ChatBots, and Laptops/Desktops.

Enable users resolve technical and application usability issues with Self Service CoBots
Silent detect and fix End point issues with Proactive CoBots

Proactively Fix Issues

Proactive CoBots are software running at endpoints that continuously monitor the system. These CoBots detect issues and fix them proactively. In cases where issues cannot be fixed automatically, a report is sent to the IT team. The IT engineer can invoke these actions from the Admin portal without taking remote control of the machine.

Access CoBots Anytime, Anywhere.

Enable Users to easily access CoBots from the web portal, chat apps, and the offline desktop app. Anakage's Digital Adoption platform makes Self-Service easy with CoBots that can be accessed from its modular platform with easy to deploy ChatBots, ITSM tool integrations, Self-Service portal, and Desktop application modules.

Enable Users to easily access CoBots from Portal, ChatBot and Laptop
Empower IT Help Desk engineers to monitor and act proactively

Enable Remote Monitoring

IT Help Desk engineers can monitor endpoints to identify issues proactively and instruct CoBots to execute actions on target endpoints. The engineers could use multiple programming languages like VB Script, and Powershell or configure CoBots for such actions using Platform's graphical authoring suite without requiring scripting skills.

Ensure Security Policy Compliance

Owing to the new enterprise regulations and growing Cyber threats, it is critical to ensure prompt remediation of non-compliant endpoints. With the Anakage’s End- user support automation platform, you can automate non-compliance remediation for issues like failed patching, pending physical asset verification, unapproved software, stopped essential services, overwritten standard settings and much more, etc.

Ensure end point Compliance as per your Security Policies
Discover, measure, and improve with Analytics and Reporting

Discover, Measure, and Improve with Reporting and Analytics

Automation initiatives like self-service fail because of the perception that it is a one-time activity whereas continuous improvement is the key. With automated Customer Success Reports, Anakage helps you with reporting and analytics to identify new solutions to be added as per your changing incident volume drivers.

Watch an introduction on how you can reduce User tickets and improve user productivity using our End User Support Automation Platform for IT Service Desk.

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