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Reduce End User Support Tickets by 50%

Our unique End User Support Automation platform for IT Service Desk combines automation and human intervention to reduce tickets at source.

Reduce End User Support Tickets in IT Service Desk

Anakage End User Support Automation platform for IT Service Desk provides multi pronged approach to reduce support tickets at source, proactive resolution of tickets before user notices it, maintain compliance and automate your high volume processes.

Reduce End User tickets at root

With our Cobots we empower users to solve their machine and application related problems themselves. Our Cobots can be designed like intelligent agents.

Improve Agent productivity

Agents can monitor endpoints, keep an eye and act proactively. They can deploy our Cobots on needed endpoints to solve issues even before user notices it.

Achieve last 5% of compliance

The complexity and size of systems are increasing. You can support greater number of users and environment compliance without needing more support agents.

Benefits for your IT Service Desk Automation

Let users solve complex machine and application issues with click of a button - Self Service Cobots

Reduce IT Tickets at source before it reaches you. Users can solve the complex issues they encounter using our unique cobots. Cobots are applications which extend the reach of automation by involving humans.

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Reduce IT issues automatically at the moment they occur - Proactive and self healing cobots

We provide proactive cobots which run on endpoints based on rules set. They actively detect issues, self heal them before user notices them. They can also be used to show user friendly reminders to enforce policies like password change, portal registration, training completion etc.

Make it easily available on customizable self service web portal and desktop application

40% of users would like to resolve issues on their own before reaching out to someone. We make it easy. We provide easy to deploy intuitive self service portal to deploy cobots and other format of self service documents, videos, links alog with other articles. This empowers users to save time and resolve issues themselves by downloading and running cobots which mimics a real tech support agent.

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Let agents act proactively when any they notice any issue - Remote assistance

When any issue is noticed agents can run various command to perform certain tasks like cleanup or run a vbscript on user machine without taking remote control or visiting personally. It reduces time to get hold of problematic machines and handle large number of machines.

Make sure your IT Infrastructure is always in ideal condition - Compliance and Enterprise policies management

Due to various government and enterprise regulations and threats it is very important to make sure that endpoints has latest patch, anti virus is updated and running, device is encrypted, buisness protection software is in good shape. We provide system where silent automated agents take care of these. It also reports the details of devices so that it gives more information to stakeholders about the reasons of non compliance and the result of remediation against various paremeters.

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Keep an eye on everything in your IT Infrastructure - Analytics and Reporting

90% of initiatives including self service fail because of perception that it is one time activity or lack of data. We believe this is the start of journey and unless there is continuos change based on environment it will not succeed. We provide measurable data to help make it continuous process.

Watch an introduction on how you can reduce User tickets and improve user productivity using our End User Support Automation Platform for IT Service Desk.

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